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What does the generator run on? What fuel-type is needed?

Generac generators can operate using natural gas or propane. Most commonly, we connect the existing rh natural gas in your home to the generator. If natural gas is not an option, a propane tank can be installed in a variety of ways and will supply ample fuel for your generator.

How does the generator turn on if my power goes out?

The Generac generators come with an automatic switch and can sense when the power to your home is compromised. When this occurs, you may notice a very brief ‘flicker’ in your home as the generator automatically starts and provides power to your main electrical panel. When the external is restored, the generator will automatically turn off.

What maintenance is required for my generator? Who will perform this?

When your generator is installed the Steady Volt team will program your maintenance reminders to be sent to you via the Wi-Fi connected control portal. When this is received, call Steady Volt and we will arrange a service call from one of our technicians.

What warranty is offered?

Generac offers a 5-year warranty on all newly installed generators. Speak to your technician to learn more about this protection.

What impact does installation have on my home?

In most cases, your new generator installation will have limited impact on your home. Steady Volt will make a recommendation of where to place your generator so that impacts to your home are minimized. However, a generator can be placed in any location on your property and our team can review your options with an on-site evaluation.

Who will complete my installation?

Steady Volt will oversee our network of installers who are Generac certified for both the installation and maintenance of your generator. This way we can provide a satisfaction guarantee for the project, hold our installers accountable and ensure you as the homeowner never have to fight for a job well done.

What factors can influence the installation cost?

The primary factor influencing installation cost is the location of your generator in relation to utilities such as gas lines and your home’s electrical panel. The location of your generator may be your preference as the homeowner or influenced by local electrical codes and regulations. Your Steady Volt technician will review all options with you and help with making this decision.

Beyond location, utilizing propane will require our team to work with a local propane delivery company to help with the installation. Steady Volt will handle this, but additional costs are possible.

Lastly, when installing a generator in an older home, Steady Volt may find  a need for upgrades to current electrical components to meet current code standards and safety requirements.

Should I protect electronic equipment was a power strip?

The use of a generator does not influence the common recommendation to utilize a surge-protection device for all electronics.